About Us

Damas_Assey- Owner

Rose Home was founded In October 1998 with 20 double self contained , and 5 Single self contained Rooms.

Our Staff are friendly and disciplined while the whole area offers maximum security.

All of our rooms have TVs and hot / cold water, is available throughout.

Since its inception in 1998,Rose Home has been run by the Assey Family.

Rose Home  has been developed in harmony with, and respect for, local community values, heritage and aspirations.  Staying with us at Rose Home will give you an authentic, homely experience and true sense of Tanzania, while providing an opportunity to participate in activities that contribute to the sustainable development of local communities.


Located in Shanti town just 30 minutes from KIA AIRPORT, conveniently situated  within Moshi city center, We cater for middle and upper level clients .

What types of rooms do we offer?  Single , double and Twin Rooms are Available .

Safety is a priority and our employees  and staff will serve you in a friendly and professional manner  , this is your home away from home.